4 Star Award Winner by the Department of EducationWe get our future leaders off to a strong start by offering preschool at Chase Elementary. Our preschool is open to children aged 3-5 years.

Preschool helps children:

  • Prepare for school and classroom activities
  • Count
  • Listen and explore
  • Learn to get along with others
  • Plan ahead
  • Use new words
  • Care for themselves and belongings
  • Express themselves
  • Care for living things
  • Learn to play fair
  • Notice differences
  • Think of others
  • Protect themselves

At Chase Elementary, our preschool students gain a positive first school experience by:

  • Working with a diverse age group providing age appropriate experiences that foster social and academic growth
  • Preparing them for kindergarten by teaching them to play and interact well with others through hands-on experiences

Learn more about the benefits of CPS' preschool program as well as how to enroll your child in the Chase Elementary preschool program.