Uniform Policy

School Dress Code

All students who attend Chase School are required to dress in their school uniform every day. School uniform colors are: Navy blue, khaki or black bottoms; white, light blue or navy blue tops.

Where can I get uniforms?

Practically any discount and department store sells school uniforms, including Meijer, Target, Sears, Wal-mart, K-mart and the like. Gently used school uniforms are also available at most thrift stores.

Is the uniform policy mandatory for my child?

Yes. Your child is expected to wear their uniform every day unless there is a special pre-notified event.

Are large, white t-shirts considered school uniform?

No — White collared shirts, turtlenecks or blouses are required. During the winter, plain white, light blue or navy sweaters are accepted.

Can students wear "hoodies" over their uniforms?

Yes. During cooler days, students are allowed to wear "hoodies." However, all students must comply with the following procedures:

  • Students cannot put the hood over their heads in school.
  • If a teacher asks the student to remove the hoodie, the student must comply.
  • The hoodie must coordinate with our uniform colors.

Can children "opt out" if they do not want to wear their uniform to school?

No. The students do not have the choice to "opt out and in" whenever they choose. This defeats the entire purpose of having a uniform policy. All students are expected to wear a school uniform when they enter the school building.

Written opt-outs must come from the parent/guardian. Once received, a meeting with the student, parent and principal will be held regarding the letter and to determine what can be done to involve the student within the policy. 

The goal of having a uniform policy is to create and support an environment where students can enter into the building and not worry about who is wearing what. The cost is extremely affordable, and it sets an instructional tone. For families that cannot afford the uniforms, assistance is offered via vouchers and donations. In cases of parental opt-out, the student is allowed to attend school to receive education.

If my child does not wear a uniform, can they participate in extra-curricular activities?

No — after-school activities require students to wear school issued uniforms. Complying with school policy is critical in regards to extra-curricular participation.